Lecture on the occasion of the award of an Honorary Professorship in Political Economy, University of Sydney

, 25/05/2016

‘Political Economy: The Social Sciences’ Red Pill’ This is the video recording of the event surrounding the appointment of Yanis Varoufakis as an Honorary Professor within the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. Many thanks to all the participants for making it such a special event! Click here for the University of Sydney, Political Economy Department, […]

And the Weak Suffer what they Must? Review by Paul Tyson

, 25/05/2016

This book is not just illuminating. It is a call to moral awakening and to intelligent, determined and humane political action.  

Άρθρο στην “ΕΦ.ΣΥΝ” – “Tο Eurogroup και το χρέος” – 21/05/2016

, 21/05/2016

  Στην επεισοδιακή κοινή συνέντευξη Τύπου (30/1/2015) με τον Γερούν Ντάισελμπλουμ στην πλατεία Συντάγματος, τρεις μόλις μέρες αφού ανέλαβα το υπουργείο Οικονομικών, δημοσιογράφος τον ρώτησε ποια η γνώμη του για την πρόταση σύγκλησης Ευρωπαϊκής Διάσκεψης για το Χρέος. Τότε ο πρόεδρος του Eurogroup απάντησε, χαριτολογώντας, ότι η Ευρώπη διαθέτει τέτοιο όργανο: το… Eurogroup! Εντεκα μέρες […]

Has consumerism milked democracy dry? On ABC Radio National

, 21/05/2016

This conversation, on ABC RN’s ‘Minefield’, with Scott Stevens and Waleed Aly, was broadcast on 19th May 2016 – click here for the ABC’s website. Or…

ΕΦ.ΣΥΝ: Δήλωση Γ. Βαρουφάκη – Ν. Θεοχαράκη απάντηση σε Γ. Στουρνάρα – 20/05/2016

, 20/05/2016

  Με θλίψη διαβάσαμε το μέρος της ομιλίας του διοικητή της Τράπεζας της Ελλάδος κ. Γιάννη Στουρνάρα το οποίο αναφέρεται στην διαπραγμάτευση της οποίας ηγηθήκαμε την περίοδο Ιανουαρίου-Απριλίου 2015. Η ομιλία του κ. Στουρνάρα ακολούθησε την ομιλία ενός εξ ημών(του Νίκου Θεοχαράκη)στην εκδήλωση που διοργάνωσε στις 19 Μαΐου το Ελληνικό Παρατηρητήριο του London School of […]

Talking Europe & Greece – VICE interview

, 15/05/2016

The interview with Yohann Koshy (April 21, 2016) can be read on VICE’s site here. Otherwise…

Άρθρο στην “ΕΦ.ΣΥΝ” – “Να χαιρόμαστε που το Eurogroup συζητά το χρέος;” – 14/05/2016

, 14/05/2016

  Από τις αρχές του 2010 πασχίζω να πείσω αντιπάλους και συντρόφους ότι μια αναδιάρθρωση χρέους είναι αναγκαία (αν και όχι ικανή) συνθήκη για την απελευθέρωση της χώρας από τη δουλοπαροικία, στην οποία εγκλωβίστηκε μετά τη διεθνή κρίση του 2008. Στο τελευταίο Eurogroup ανακοινώθηκε η αρχή της συζήτησης για την αναδιάρθρωση του χρέους. «Δεν χαίρεσαι; […]

Review of my talk "Basic Income is a Necessity" – examiner.com

, 13/05/2016

Click here for the examiner.com site Yanis Varoufakis’ amazing reframe of Basic income Yanis Varoufakis produced half-hour video presentation and question-and-answer session. It was an address for the Future of Work Conference, in Zurich, Switzerland, 5th May 2016, at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. In this presentation Yanis Varoufakis, totally reframes the concept of how wealth […]

Political Economy: The Social Sciences’ Red Pill – U of Sydney, 13th May

, 13/05/2016

To mark his appointment as an Honorary Professor within the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney, we are delighted to announce the hosting of Professor Yanis Varoufakis.

Technical change turns Basic Income into a necessity

, 12/05/2016

Addressing the Future of Work conference, Zurich, 5th May 2016, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The Reform & Fiscal Policy Proposals of my ministry a year to this day – compare & contrast

, 11/05/2016

A year to this day (11th May 2015), my team of international advisers (*) and I submitted this proposal for reforming the Greek economy, including a particular proposal for a debt reschedule. It is interesting to compare and to contrast it with the agreement that the troika is about to impose on the Athens government. […]

On Reuters with Rob Cox, global editor of Breakingviews

, 10/05/2016

Yanis Varoufakis joins Rob Cox, global editor of Breakingviews, to talk about his new book, ”And the Weak Suffer What They Must?”, the state of the EU, and the implications of a potential Brexit and Trump presidency. To watch the video click the image above – or just here. For audio only click below

DiEM25's Vienna Assembly on Europe's Duty to Refugees, on Europe's duty to itself

, 09/05/2016

On 5th May 2016, DiEm25 went to Vienna, the scene where the scandalous decisions regarding border closures motivated by a ‘moral panic’ over the refugees, were taken. The people of Vienna embraced our event with splendid warmth, generosity and enthusiasm. You can watch the event in two parts (click above) and you can catch glimpses of […]

Imagining a New Bretton Woods – Project Syndicate op-ed

, 08/05/2016

The financial meltdown of 2008 prompted calls for a global financial system that curtails trade imbalances, moderates speculative capital flows, and prevents systemic contagion. That, of course, was the goal of the original Bretton Woods system. But such a system today would be both untenable and undesirable. So, what might an alternative look like?

On CNN, discussing Greece and its creditors with Fareed Zakaria

, 08/05/2016

How Greece was turned into a permanent debt-deflationary trap through unsustainable extend-and-pretend bailout loans. And how difficult it was to negotiate with creditors who do not really care about getting their money back. CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE OR CLICK HERE.

In conversation with Noam Chomsky, at the New York Public Library

, 03/05/2016

 On 26th April 2015, I had the immense privilege of appearing at the New York Public Library with Noam Chomsky. Amongst other topics, we discussed Bernie Sanders, Greece, Europe, capitalism, the state of economic doctrine and, of course, DiEM25, the Democracy in Europe Movement that Noam recently joined. My deepest gratitude to the good people […]

Council of Foreign Relations, NYC: The Future of Greece and the Eurozone – in conversation with Standard & Poor’s Chief Economist

, 03/05/2016

On 25th April 2015 I had the pleasure to engage in an open discussion with Paul Sheard, Chief Economist with Standard and Poor’s, at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York. Watch the video of our discussion and/or read the transcript below.

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