Se respiran aires del DiEM25: algunas claves sobre el movimiento

, 02/02/2016

Ya se pueden respirar aires del DiEM25. Nuestra página web (http://diem25.org/) ya ha hecho su primera aparición, y nuestras cuentas en Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/diem25.official.page/) y en Twitter (https://twitter.com/DiEM25_ES) ya se encuentran activas. El manifiesto del DiEM será publicado en los próximos días, y nuestra presencia online estará a punto para la fecha de nuestro lanzamiento, el […]

A tu per tu con Varoufakis, senza peli sulla lingua (sull’Europa e non solo) -Marcello Foa, Il Giornale

, 01/02/2016

Origina source: http://blog.ilgiornale.it/foa/2016/02/01/a-tu-per-tu-con-varoufakis/ Visto da vicino, Yanis Varoufakis convince. Ho avuto il privilegio di intervistarlo pubblicamente a Lugano e poi di trascorrere alcune ore assieme a lui. E mi ha fatto un’eccellente impressione. Mi verrebbe dire che è un greco tutto d’un pezzo, uno spirito libero, capace di rompere gli schemi e di andare oltre le […]

Entretien exclusif – YANIS VAROUFAKIS sur ECORAMA

, 01/10/2015

Yanis Varoufakis était l’invité de Boursorama mercredi 30 septembre dans l’émission Ecoramaanimée par David Jacquot. L’ancien ministre des Finances grec est revenu sur les coulisses des négociations de cet été, tout en livrant ses opinions sur l’économie française.

Europe revisited – 2hr interview on Mediapart, 25 SEP 2015

, 30/09/2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRH39j3Kmh0#action=share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-B6PoHgqZU

Interview in Corriere Della Sera – 16 SEP 2015

, 16/09/2015

L’ex ministro greco delle Finanze: «Presto ci sarà il lancio ufficiale e una sinistra pan europea capace di offrire una politica alternativa all’austerità» For the Italian version as published in CDS, click here. But beware: The Italian text there is a summary of my answers and, in my view, offers a distorted version of my […]

On German Moral Leadership – English version of op-ed in Sunday's FAZ

, 14/09/2015

For the published version in Sunday’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung click here. For my original English text read on…

European countries must support the United Nations’ proposals for sovereign debt restructuring! – Open letter to the UN by 19 economists

, 08/09/2015

On September 10, the United Nations General Assembly will vote on nine principles concerning the restructuring of sovereign debts. Abiding by such principles would have avoided the pitfalls of the Greek crisis, in which political representatives gave in to creditor demands despite their lack of economic sense and their disastrous social impact. This public interest […]

In conversation with El Pais (Claudi Pérez), the complete (long) transcript

, 02/08/2015

Claudi Pérez, of El Pais, inteviewed me in our Athens apartment last week. Here is the article that emerged recently in El Pais. The complete, unedited, transcript (in English) follows:

Death by Debt: My Response to The German Finance Ministry, by Jeffrey Sachs

, 01/08/2015

Dr. Ludger Schuknecht, senior economist at the Germany Finance Ministry, explains his ministry’s viewpoint regarding Greece. This viewpoint essentially holds that Eurozone countries should live within their means; adjust to their debt burdens; and take their reform medicine as needed. If they do so, they will be successful, as illustrated by Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Greece […]

Romantiker gegen Pragmatiker – Die Zeit

, 25/07/2015

Yanis Varoufakis erklärt in einem neuen Buch seinem Kind, warum die Griechen nichts für ihre Situation können. VON ADAM SOBOCZYNSKI (Die Zeit site) DIE ZEIT Nº 28/201524. Juli 2015  15:11 Uhr 139 Kommentare Der ehemalige griechische Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis  |  © dpa

Dr Schäuble’s Plan for Europe: Do Europeans approve? – English version of my article in Die Zeit

, 17/07/2015

On 15th July 2015 Die Zeit published this piece. Here is the original English language version.

SYRIZA intends to infuse a little rationality into Europe’s attitude toward itself – interviewed by PROFIL (Austria)

, 05/01/2015

A fresh interview offered to PROFIL (Austria) on why SYRIZA’ s proposals for Greece and for Europe are radical only to the extent that they are rational and therapeutic for the Eurozone as a whole. CLICK HERE (in German only I fear)

Interviewed by Thomas Fazi for ONEURO: Greece, the EUROZONE and the prospects of a SYRIZA government

, 15/12/2014

Thomas Fazi has just interviewed me for ONEURO on Greece and the Eurozone two months before a possible Greek election. To read the interview as published in Italian click here. For the Q&A in its English original…

La Grecia tradita dall’Europa: farà default – interview with F. Simonelli, for MediTelegraph

, 12/12/2014

Atene – Yanis Varoufakis, stimato economista dell’Università di Atene, ha sempre avuto opinioni fuori dal coro. Sin dall’inizio della crisi greca, nel 2010-2011, ha messo in guardia sul fatto che non si trattasse di un problema locale, ma di una crisi sistemica dell’eurozona FEDERICO SIMONELLI – DICEMBRE 12, 2014

Ten questions on the Eurozone, with ten answers – Q&A with Jorge N. Rodrigues

, 09/12/2014

1-      Will Greece be "seen out" of the euro during the year, or is a compromise still possible in the euro framework? A workable compromise is certainly possible and there is no need for Greece to exit the euro. Only Greece needs a government that is genuinely committed to negotiating and drawing lines in the [...]

Of Europe’s bankers and politicians – Interview in SUOMEN KUVALEHTI

, 25/10/2014

An interview with Antti Ronkainen published in SUOMEN KUVALEHTI (in Finnish). Click here for the original or read on…

Greek bonds and shares: What does their decline mean for Europe? – Interview with Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues for EXPRESSO

, 17/10/2014

The spectre of Greek contagion seems to be returning to the Eurozone. At least this is the fear that I sense by talking to financial journalists across Europe. In this interview with Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues (for EXPRESSO) I argue that: “The Euro Crisis never went away. What happened was that Mr Draghi’s skillful interventions in the […]

Has the Greece Success Story bubble burst? Interview with Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

, 17/10/2014

In this interview, with Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachtrichten  (German Business News), I address the question of what happened in recent days in the Greek bond markets, in view of the Greek government’s failed attempt to argue that Greece is about to exit its Bailout. Regular readers may notice that I am merely repeating what I was saying […]

Can Greece stand on its own feet? Interview with ADN Kronos

, 10/10/2014

As elections begin to loom in Greece, an extraordinary propaganda drive has commenced. Its purpose? To impress upon the world (with a view to swaying Greek pubic opinion) that Greece is out of the woods; that Greek public debt is (miraculously) sustainable, that the banks are back on track, that investment is beginning to flow […]

The Global Minotaur out now in Finnish

, 22/08/2014

It is with great pleasure that I received the news from Finland that my Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the World Economy has just been published in Finland by the good people of Vastapaino Publishers. (Click here for their site.) My Preface to this Finnish edition follows:

Economic lessons from video game communities – Le Monde

, 15/06/2014

Le Monde featured this piece on my research of social economies that emerge in video game communities. Readers may profit from reading the Reason interview on which it was based – and this recent keynote I delivered at the 2014 CFA Institute’s Conference in Seattle. Ce que les jeux vidéo nous apprennent de l’économie

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