On BBC Radio 4’s, Start of the Week, with Andrew Marr and friends

, 05/04/2016


La Repubblica: Diem25, un movimento per superare il fallimento dell’Europa

, 20/03/2016

For a copy of the (longer) interview in English, click:  Original answers by Yanis Varoufakis, in English, to La Repubblica, 19 March 2016. Click here the LA REPUBBLICA site (Italian), or…

Professorship Honoris Causa, International University College of Torino – report in La Stampa

, 19/03/2016

Folla all’università di Torino per la lectio magistralis dell’ex ministro che racconta i duelli con Schäuble: «Gli dissi che le sue idee erano ottime per il Partito comunista cinese» SEPPE SALVAGGIULO, TORINO – Click here for La Stampa’s website or…

L’Union européenne est en train de s’écrouler – L’ Echo

, 14/03/2016

L’ancien ministre grec des Finances Yanis Varoufakis est désormais à la tête d’un mouvement paneuropéen qui veut agir pour plus de démocratie et de transparence. Publicité

Salmond’s ‘big mistake’ – in The Sunday Times

, 14/03/2016

The former Greek minister says that the stance on sterling was a serious strategic error in the fight for independence, writes Michael Glackin. Click here.

Guardian Live | Europe, austerity and the threat to global stability with Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas & Tariq Ali

, 08/03/2016

Thursday 7 April 2016, 7pm–8.30pm, Emmanuel Centre, London, SW1P 3DW Has the EU lost sight of its original purpose? Critics argue that agreements such as TTIP illustrate just how undemocratic the EU has become. Are weaker nations paying the debt of a financial crash which they did not cause? Has the EU been reduced to a […]

The Irish have rejected 'dead-end', troika-inspired policies – comment in The IRISH TIMES

, 27/02/2016

Old Regime is Dead. But the New Regime is Struggling to Be Born Click here for the Irish Times site. By Damian Mac Con Uladh Ireland has rejected the policies of Fine Gael Minister for Finance.  Ireland has rejected Fine Gael and Labour’s “dead-end policies” and Michael Noonan’s “cynical” pledge to renegotiate cuts to Ireland’s banking […]

DiEM25 and the mission to save Europe – in conversation with euronews’ Isabelle Kumar

, 24/02/2016

To watch the interview on the euronews site, click here : Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis locked horns with the European establishment, and ultimately had to stand down. But now the bad boy of European politics is back with a vengeance – launching DiEM25 a new pan-European movement that he says aims to bring democracy […]

The 3rd Option Needed in the UK Referendum Debate – in Newsweek

, 23/02/2016

We need a third way Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister, speaking at the launch of the DiEM25– Good Europe campaign. “David Cameron came back with the mother of all euro-fudges to address…an electorate that is sick and tired of euro-fudges. So there is a delicious irony there… The Euroskeptics have a legitimate case. Those who…come to the conclusion […]

Britain should stand up to EU ‘farce’ – The Telegraph

, 18/02/2016

By Elizabeth Anderson 4:00PM GMT 15 Feb 2016  Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's outspoken former finance minister, has warned it would be damaging for Britain to leave the European Union, and insists the country should remain in the bloc to confront the "bureaucratic and unappetising" establishment. "Our only collective escape from the current disintegration of the EU, [...]

Varoufakis tells Irish people to ‘send Michael Noonan packing’ – The Irish Times

, 14/02/2016

Former Greek finance minister accuses government of pandering to oligarchs about 4 hours ago Ronan McGreevy (For the Irish Times site, please click here) At a Right2Change meeting in Dublin’s Mansion House, the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis accused the Irish government of pandering to oligarchs. Video: Ronan McGreevy Ireland faces a “stark choice” at […]

DiEM appeals for democratic awakening – Il Manifesto

, 13/02/2016

by Marco Bascetta, Sandro Mezzadra (Click here for the Il Manifesto site) Certainly there was no lack of media attention here for Yanis Varoufakis, the ex-finance minister of Greece. With a packed hall and journalists queuing, the press conference opened for the meeting organized at Volksbühne Berlin for the presentation of the DiEM 2025 manifesto […]

On DiEM in Newsweek

, 11/02/2016

Click here for the Newsweek site. Or…

Are we heading for a crash? The Guardian

, 29/01/2016

Click here for The Guardian site or if you want to read the longer version of my entry…

Schäuble’s Gathering Storm – my Project Syndicate op-ed

, 24/10/2015

ATHENS – Europe’s crisis is poised to enter its most dangerous phase. After forcing Greece to accept another “extend-and-pretend” bailout agreement, fresh battle lines are being drawn. And, with the refugee influx exposing the damage caused by divergent economic prospects and sky-high youth unemployment in Europe’s periphery, the ramifications are ominous, as recent statements by […]

Greece without illusions – op-ed in Project Syndicate

, 05/10/2015

ATHENS – “The costliest minor government reshuffle in Greece’s history.” That is at least one way to describe the result of the Greek general election on September 20. Indeed, with few exceptions, the same ministers have returned to the same offices as part of an administration backed by the same odd pair of parties (the […]

BBC One's Question Time, 24th September 2015 – full program

, 24/09/2015

  Yanis Varoufakis, Conservative former Chancellor Ken Clarke, Shadow Leader of the House Chris Bryant (Labour), UKIP’s Suzanne Evans and columnist/commentator Julia Hartley Brewer. See here for a review of the program by The Guardian.

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