The world economy post-2008 – Interviewed by the Institute of Regulation & Risk

, 14/01/2015

Since the demise of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 and ensuing great financial crisis (GFC), it would seem rather obscenely that central bankers and monetary policy has been obsessed with “deflation”, rather than remedying the actual causes of the crisis itself. Is this a fair analysis? 

Βαρουφάκης vs Λαζαρίδης στον ΣΚΑΙ (βίντεο)

, 14/01/2015

«Πιο επίσημα δεν μπορεί να χρεωκοπήσει η χώρα από την πυροδότηση των CDS» είπε ο οικονομολόγος και υποψήφιος με τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ στη Β’ Αθήνας,  Γ. Βαρουφάκης, στον κ. Χρ. Λαζαρίδη που ισχυρίστηκε ότι «η χώρα δεν χρεωκόπησε επίσημα» και πρόσθεσε το εξής παράδειγμα «είναι σαν να έχεις τρακάρει το αυτοκίνητό σου, να σου έχει πληρώσει […]

Why I am running for a parliamentary seat on SYRIZA’s ticket

, 09/01/2015

Critical engagement is a form of praxis. But there comes a time when, to retain its relevance, critical thinking must transform itself into direct political action.

SYRIZA intends to infuse a little rationality into Europe’s attitude toward itself – interviewed by PROFIL (Austria)

, 05/01/2015

A fresh interview offered to PROFIL (Austria) on why SYRIZA’ s proposals for Greece and for Europe are radical only to the extent that they are rational and therapeutic for the Eurozone as a whole. CLICK HERE (in German only I fear)

Greek and European prospects for 2015 – Interview in L’Antidiplomatico

, 01/01/2015

Interviewed by Alessandro Bianchi on Greece and Europe in the run up to the Greek general election of 25th January 2015 Click here for the L’Antidiplomatico site or, for the English original,…

Interviewed by Thomas Fazi for ONEURO: Greece, the EUROZONE and the prospects of a SYRIZA government

, 15/12/2014

Thomas Fazi has just interviewed me for ONEURO on Greece and the Eurozone two months before a possible Greek election. To read the interview as published in Italian click here. For the Q&A in its English original…

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century from a Marxist Perspective – audio

, 14/12/2014

On 6th December, I was kindly invited by the editorial board of Science & Society (the oldest continuously published journal of Marxist scholarship worldwide) to deliver a keynote to its Editorial Board’s Annual Meeting. My talk was based on a recent critical review of Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century which can be read here. To listen […]

La Grecia tradita dall’Europa: farà default – interview with F. Simonelli, for MediTelegraph

, 12/12/2014

Atene – Yanis Varoufakis, stimato economista dell’Università di Atene, ha sempre avuto opinioni fuori dal coro. Sin dall’inizio della crisi greca, nel 2010-2011, ha messo in guardia sul fatto che non si trattasse di un problema locale, ma di una crisi sistemica dell’eurozona FEDERICO SIMONELLI – DICEMBRE 12, 2014

Ten questions on the Eurozone, with ten answers – Q&A with Jorge N. Rodrigues

, 09/12/2014

1-      Will Greece be "seen out" of the euro during the year, or is a compromise still possible in the euro framework? A workable compromise is certainly possible and there is no need for Greece to exit the euro. Only Greece needs a government that is genuinely committed to negotiating and drawing lines in the [...]

Discussing Thomas Piketty's inequality treatise with Andrew Mazzone – video

, 03/12/2014

Prompted by this critical review article of Professor Thomas Piketty’s Capitalism in the 21st Century, which I recently published in Real World Economics Review, Andrew Mazzone (of the Henry George School Social Science) kindly interviewed me on the subject of inequality and Professor Piketty’s book.  

Taking stock of the Euro Crisis: Interviewed by Doug Henwood for BEHIND THE NEWS

, 24/11/2014

Discussing the state of play in Europe, circa November 2014, with Doug Henwood on KPFA’s Behind the News


, 18/11/2014

Click the image above to watch a 60′ keynote on Money, and its Aesthetics, after the Gold Standard, following by a presentation by Danae Stratou of her remarkable installation ‘It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes’ – click here for a full description (and pictures and video) of that work.  

Slovakia adopts our proposal of ECB-purchases of EIB bonds

, 11/11/2014

Our proposal for ECB purchases of EIB bonds has just been adopted by one Eurozone member-state: Slovakia. Here is Reuters’ report. Or read on…

Why is Europe not ‘coming together’ in the aftermath of the euro crisis? – audio

, 10/11/2014

This talk was delivered to the PhD Colloquium of the LBJ School of Public Affairs, on 6th November 2014. It was based on this article and is part of my research for my next book EUROPE UNHINGED: The next phase of the global crisis.

A QE proposal for Europe’s crisis – OpEd in The Economist

, 10/11/2014

The Economist kindly invited me to contribute an op-ed to a ’roundtable’ on what form Quantitative Easing should take place in Europe.  For The Economist’s site click here. Or read on…

Why the Fiscal Compact is, legally, null and void: Interview by Giuseppe Guarino

, 10/11/2014

In this fascinating interview, published in Corriere della Sera on 29th October 2014 and reproduced here in English, Professor Giuseppe Guarino, a former finance minister of Italy, argues that the Fiscal Compact never had a legal leg to stand on. Additionally, he also claims that, legally, the 3% deficit limit (in the Maastricht and later the […]

Today’s Eurozone seen from an investor’s perspective – Keynote (audio)

, 01/11/2014

On 30th October I was invited to address a meeting of German, Austrian and Swiss pension fund managers on how they should make sense of the Eurozone’s current state of play. In this keynote (click below for the audio and the accompanying slides) I present an explanation of the causes underlying the impossible dilemmas pension fund […]

Discussing the ECB’s stress tests on ‘Boom Bust, RT tv

, 28/10/2014

For the tv interview click here or the photo above (and jump to 21′).  A related, analytical, article, can be found here.    

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