Easter wishes to all

, 20/04/2014

Who said that Easter has no significance in our cynical age, even to atheists like myself? Suffering, the sacrifice of the innocents, persecution of prophets of truth – it is all going on with a vengeance. On this note, Happy Easter to all. (The photo above was taken by Danae Stratou on the US-Mexican border […]

Is this an alien landing site, ancient monument, or something else?

, 15/03/2014

Readers of this blog are familiar with Danae Stratou‘s photographic works (her photos adorn the header above). In this post I copy a story from CNN.COM about  Desert Breath: one the largest and (in my eyes) most significant land art projects on the planet’s face. It is the creation of Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou and […]

The US-Mexican Border Fence 20 years after NAFTA – Danae Stratou’s installation

, 12/02/2014

On 6th and 7th February 2014, the LBJ School of Public Affairs (University of Texas at Austin) organised a conference on the 20 years since the signing of the North America Free Trade Agreement Treaty, entitled NAFTA+20: Intended and Unintended Consequences. The organisers commissioned Danae Stratou to produce a photographic installation in the entrance of the […]

Vote for your favourite entry in the Vital Space 60'' Video Competition

, 11/11/2013

You may recall that some time ago vitalspace.org announced a one-minute video competition under the theme Raising Awareness in 60”. A panel of jurists has already given its verdict. But the People’s Prize is still up for grabs. Click here to watch the brilliant entries and vote!

Of Public Phones and Besieged Humans – Our first contribution to Witte de With's Review

, 01/07/2013

Witte de With Contemporary Art Centre, of Rotterdam, has just launched its Review, both electronically and in print. As part of this effort, WdW have established desks in Athens, Cairo, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Ramallah – five ‘ancient’ cities. vitalspace.org, founded by Danae Stratou and yours truly, was selected as WdW’s Athens desk. Our first contribution […]

Interviewed by Kristina Bozic, for OBJECTIV

, 08/06/2013

On 13th March Kristina Božič paid me a great complement by interviewing me for slovenian journal Objectiv.  The breadth and insightfulness of the questions gave me much pleasure. To read the article in its original home, click here. Alternarively, read on (Google translate does a decent job)…

Raising Awareness in 60" Video Competition

, 10/05/2013

And now for something quite different: Since our words and arguments are failing to have a serious impact, despite their value and reasonableness, perhaps it is time to resort to the artist’s touch. Vital Space invites all artists to participate in the first of a series of open call competitions in the context of our ‘Raising Awareness’ theme. For our first […]

Radio Exarcheia: A collaborative art project, opening this week in Melbourne, Australia

, 02/09/2012

Just received from Tom Nicholson, an excellent Melbourne-based artist, the following brief on a collaborative art project that touches upon the Greek economic crisis in a manner that acts as an apt reminder of the unique capacity that art has to cast the worst aspects of the human condition in fresh and insightful light. The […]

IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE BLACK BOXES: Thursday April 19th, Athens

, 13/04/2012

While ‘stuck’ in INET’s Berlin Conference, and before I get a chance to write here about that experience, I thought I should invite all those who may be in Athens on Thursday 19th April, to the opening of Danae Stratou’s new installation at the Zoumboulakis Gallery, Kolonaki Square, Athens (nb. it will open for a […]

Vital Space – Istanbul, a video project

, 05/04/2012

And now for something different. The Sydney College for the Arts (part of the University of Sydney) is hosting Danae Stratou’s video installation VITAL SPACE – Istanbul. For a glimpse of the videos involved, plus my text on the project’s socio-economic and political siginficance, read on…

The Globalising Wall in the 2012 Adelaide Festival's RESTLESS exhibition

, 01/03/2012

Some of you have been inquiring as to what I am doing here in Adelaide. Well, all is about to be revealed. Danae Stratou, my partner, is presenting her video installation THE GLOBALISING WALL as part of RESTLESS, an exhibition presented in the context of the 2012 ADELAIDE FESTIVAL – which is opening tonight (18.00 at the […]

Two New Initiatives for 2011: vitalspace.org and 'The Global Minotaur'

, 03/01/2011

This blog began life a few months ago in response to the European crisis and with a view to campaigning in favour of our Modest Proposal. The New Year comes with a renewed commitment to the Modest Proposal but also with two new initiatives. The first new initiative is called vitalspace.org; a joint project with […]

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