Time to resign Mr Papandreou

, 02/11/2011

Last week, the European Union Council agreed on a set of policies for tackling the euro crisis. It was hoped that the new agreement (hereafter referred to as the October Agreement) would be a decisive step toward resolving a slow burning crisis that threatened to derail the euro, plunge the EU itself into a process [...]

The Modest Proposal in Toronto. Today, Monday 7th November, 16.00

, 01/11/2011

7th November, University of Toronto: Invited to speak on The Euro and the European Crisis by the Munk School of Global Affairs at Toronto University. The advertisement states: “As the eurozone crisis is unfolding, threatening in the process to infect the global economy, the debate currently raging in Europe (on how to tackle the cascading defaults and insolvencies) […]

The Modest Proposal in N. America: First stop Austin, Texas

, 01/11/2011

For the next fortnight, posting will be intermittent and a little sparse. This is because I shall be on the road, on a lecture tour that will begin in Austin, move to Toronto and end up in New York. For details, see here. For now, I shall leave Greece safe in the thought that our […]

CDS buyers, feminists and Marx: Odd bedfellows in the era of the euro crisis

, 29/10/2011

“Here is our offer: Accept a 50% haircut on your Greek bonds. If you choose not to consent, and it is your prerogative not to, we shall give the green light to Greece to declare a 100% default.” This was in essence the deal that Mr Dallara accepted in the wee hours of the morning on […]

A leveraged EFSF or an ECB-brokered debt conversion? Europe's recent scheme for resolving the crisis versus our Modest Proposal

, 29/10/2011

In my recent ABC TV interview I suggested that the latest euro agreement (announced on 27th October 2011) was a triumph of Orwellian double-speak. They created discord and they called it agreement. In this post I want to unpick a crucial repercussion of this latest piece of  euro-fraud.

Europe's newest Orwellian moment: On ABC TV's Lateline discussing the latest plan to save the euro

, 28/10/2011

The ABC’s Lateline (Australia’s flagship news and current affairs evening tv program) afforded me the opportunity to delve into the details (or lack thereof) of the latest European effort to combat the euro crisis. For the transcript and video (kindly provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation)…

Another emblematic EU non-event: A first reaction to the latest EU 'agreement'

, 27/10/2011

With the din of the debate on what the new EU anti-Crisis ‘agreement’ means in our ears, and after a long night of anxious observation of our leaders’ deliberations, it is terribly easy to lose sight of the only truth about this new twist in the euro crisis saga: There has been no agreement to […]

Fixing Europe's Impossible Algebra

, 24/10/2011

In simple arithmetic terms, European leaders have been struggling to patch up a €4 trillion gap (€1 trillion of potential bank re-capitalisations plus €3 trillion of stressed sovereign debt) by stretching a €250 billion patch (the EFSF’s remaining funds). In algebraic terms, they are bamboozled by the task of solving a system of two equations […]

Europe needs a circuit breaker: Interviewed by ABC TV's The 7.30 Report

, 21/10/2011

Click here for the ABC’s site, where you can find the video or just read the ABC’s own transcript below:

The Snowflake That Started an Avalanche: Three recent interviews

, 20/10/2011

With the eyes of a stunned world trained, yet again on Greece, the international media have returned to Athens. I keep suggesting to them that they are wasting their time. That the real game is happening elsewhere – in the corridors of the French and German banks, in the meetings between German officials and the […]

Soros tries to snatch hope from the jaws of despair

, 17/10/2011

George Soros has been saying much that is right about Europe for at least the past year. (I have had the opportunity to comment on his musing, mostly approvingly, on a number of different occasions – see for example here and here). His latest piece in the FT (A route-map through the eurozone minefield) is […]

A grim assessment of Europe's Social Democratic Parties: video

, 14/10/2011

Interview (Part 4) that I gave a few weeks ago to the Scottish branch of Unite – the union. A big thank you to Peter Welsh and Andrew Brady. Below I copy their description of this interview: “Unite Scotland’s fourth and final instalment in the Varoufakis series puts focus on the failings of social democratic […]

The Wicked Game

, 11/10/2011

How Greece is being beaten into a pulp to force Europe’s banks to accept capital while keeping Italy et al in awe. 

It's a banking crisis…

, 11/10/2011

Video courtesy of Koen Aarts. Taped just after my University of Groningen presentation on 6th October 2011/

A Plan for Europe: Decent_Europe_

, 10/10/2011

This afternoon (Athens time) I shall be appearing at the TEDx Academy (Athens) to deliver my fifteen minutes worth of ideas about how to transform Europe. Here is what I plan to say:

The Modest Proposal travels to the Netherlands: Groningen on Thursday 6th October and Amsterdam on Friday 7th October

, 05/10/2011

If you happen to be in the Netherlands today and tomorrow (Thu 6/10 and Fri 7/10) and wish to participate in a debate on the Modest Proposal, this is your chance. Come along. The adjacent poster  concerns the Groningen event. Click here for an interesting introduction to this event. For the Amsterdam debate-presentation that follows […]

Europe’s Greek Moment: My interview with TrumanFactor – in English and in Spanish

, 02/10/2011

TrumanFactor interviewed me on Greece, Europe and the Modest Proposal. Click here for the english version and here for the spanish translation. 

Revised program for the Copenhagen debate on the Modest Proposal: Friday 30th September

, 28/09/2011

The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) has the pleasure of inviting you to a seminar on: To Bond or Not to Bond?  Could Eurobonds Save the Euro from its Debt Crisis? Friday, 30 September 2011 09.00-12.00 Danish Institute for International Studies, Main Auditorium, Strandgade 71, ground floor, 1401 Copenhagen K

Two interviews: The gruesome Greek sideshow continues while the main game is played out off camera

, 28/09/2011

Once more, Athens is replete with TV crews from all over the world, eager to relate the latest in the long running saga of whether/when/how Greece will default. Meanwhile, the real game is being played out elsewhere, in the corridors of power in Frankfurt, Brussels, Berlin, Washington where no serious person bothers to discuss Greece […]

Arresting the Freefall rather than a Blueprint for the ‘Good Europe’: The Modest Proposal defended against C. Flower’s powerful critique

, 25/09/2011

C. Flower paid me the complement of penning a critique, entitled New Bottle , Old Keynesian Wine, of my Shellbourne Hotel talk (14th September 2011) as well as of the essence of our Modest Proposal. I reproduce this critique  here in its entirety, followed by my reply. Before anything else is said, let me thank C. […]

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