How the US rolls (post-Global Minotaur) – by SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK

, 13/12/2014

In this article, aptly subtitled It’s lonely being the global policeman, Slavoj evokes a parallelism between the age of extremes that began as the British Empire was losing its grip with the present moment in history. Now that the Global Minotaur (quoting my book) is mortally wounded, “…the American century is over and we are witnessing […]

Preface to the (forthcoming) French edition of THE GLOBAL MINOTAUR

, 12/11/2014

The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the future of the world economy is about to be published in French, as Le Minotaure Planétaire, by newly established, progressive publishing house LES ÉDITIONS DU CERCLE. Read on for a draft of the Preface I composed for this French edition (which is now added to the German, Spanish, […]

Egalitarianism’s Latest Foe: a critical review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century

, 08/10/2014

The Real-World Economics Review commissioned a number of us to write critical reviews of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century.  They include, beside the over-signed, David Colander, Edward Fullbrook (who must be credited for the whole issue), James K. Galbraith, Michael Hudson, Richard Koo, Richard Parker, Ann Pettifor, and Robert Wade – see below for links to […]

The Global and European Crisis revisited: An audio from the launch of the Global Minotaur in Finland

, 12/09/2014

On 25th August, I had the honour of presenting the Finnish edition of The Global Minotaur to a splendid, and welcoming, audience at the University of Tampere. In this post you can listen to an interesting exchange on the state of the global and European economy, why Finns (along with citizens of other European ‘surplus’ member-states […]

The Global Minotaur out now in Finnish

, 22/08/2014

It is with great pleasure that I received the news from Finland that my Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the World Economy has just been published in Finland by the good people of Vastapaino Publishers. (Click here for their site.) My Preface to this Finnish edition follows:

Discussing Austerity with Phillip Adams, on Late Night Live, ABC Radio National

, 22/08/2014

In this podcast you can hear my discussion with Phillip Adams, on ABC Radio National Late Night Live, on fiscal austerity and its discontents. The backdrop for this interview was, naturally, the Australian Federal Government’s attempts to ‘sell’ its latest Austerity Budget to the Australian people. (Click also here for my OpEd on ‘Austerity comes to Australia’, […]

Austerity comes to Australia – OpEd, WHITE PAPER, ABC Radio National

, 22/08/2014

Austerity was never about tackling public debt. It was not even a political campaign to end the ‘culture of entitlement’. In the UK, in the Eurozone, and now in Australia, austerity is, and always was, a thinly disguised campaign of invoking fiscal prudence and public virtues in order to indulge private vices and so as to redistribute entitlements at the expense of the majority.

Preface to the Finnish edition of the Global Minotaur

, 03/06/2014

Finland, like my homeland, Greece, is a small country at a treacherous geopolitical crossroads that traditionally inspired great anxiety amongst its people, but also instilled into their character considerable resilience. Unlike Greece, from the mid-1990s until fairly recently Finland succeeded in turning itself into a net exporting nation, ostensibly capable of powering its way into […]

A Review of the Global Minotaur (2nd edition) from an Australian perspective; by Paul Tyson

, 22/05/2014

Is there Life After Money? A Summary, with comments, of Yanis Varoufakis’ The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the future of the world economy, Zed Books By Dr Paul Tyson, Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Nottingham. [Note that the cover displayed here is of the German edition. Click here for the […]

Vicious Disequilibrium, in the Los Angeles Review of Books 

, 09/04/2014

Are we witnessing a new global balance? Or a new incongruity pregnant with the crisis’ next phase?

Austerity as a destabilising assault on the New Deal institutions: A joint presentation by J.K. Galbraith & Y. Varoufakis (video)

, 27/02/2014

A debate involving James K. Galbraith, Yanis Varoufakis and Jeff Sommers (in the role of moderator) took place on 24th February at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in the context of the George Kennan Distinguished Lecture Series. An amateurish recording is available here. For ease of ‘navigation’, a list of topics (with their location on […]

Don't Try This at Home! Greek Austerity

, 26/02/2014

by JEFFREY SOMMERS and YANIS VAROUFAKIS This is an op-ed published in initially in the Wisconsin-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on 22nd February 2014, and then in CounterPunch, on 26th February 2014. You can read the text here by clicking…

Being Greek and an Economist While Greece Burns: An intimate account – MGSA Keynote 2013

, 16/11/2013

(Gonda Van Steen introduced the audience to the MGSA 2013 Conference and Artemis Leontis introduced me. The talk begins at around 10′, when the audio becomes loud and clear) The Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA) kindly invited me to deliver its 2013 Keynote, at the MGSA biannual Conference held at Indiana University. I grabbed the opportunity […]

On ABC Radio National's 'Big Ideas' program: 'The Dirty War for Europe's Integrity & Soul'

, 30/10/2013

ABC Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’ program has now broadcast my talk entitled The Dirty War for Europe’s Integrity & Soul (original broadcast: 30th October, 20.05 Sydney time). [Click here for details of the lecture.] For the complete transcript click here – please note that the ABC (to fit in both the talk and the discussion the […]

Jobs, Investment, and Rebuilding America: Economic and National Security Issues – Workshop in Washington DC, 12th November

, 30/10/2013

Economists for Peace and Security is organising a workshop on Jobs, Investment, and Rebuilding America: Economic and National Security Issues. It will take place at the Hyatt Regency, Washington DC, Capitol Hill. The keynote speech will be delivered by  Jason Furman, Chair of the US Council of Economic Advisers. My involvement will concern the economic and financial […]

The Dirty War for Europe's Integrity and Soul

, 25/10/2013

Inaugural ‘Europe Public Lecture’, UWS, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney On 23rd October 2013, I was honoured by the Department of History of the University of Western Sydney with an invitation to deliver their inaugural Europe Public Lecture. The event took place in the State Library of New South Wales, in Sydney. The […]

Off to Oz to talk Europe

, 18/10/2013

Next Wednesday evening, the 23rd of October, I shall be delivering The Inaugural Europe Lecture of the University of Western Sydney at the State Library of New South Wales. (Please note that till then postings will be rudimentary.) The talk itself will be entitled “The Dirty War for Europe’s Integrity and Soul” (For details click […]

The US Debt Ceiling Strife from a European perspective

, 17/10/2013

Cooled down in the proverbial 11th hour, at least until it is brought back on the boil next January, the US debt ceiling clash puzzles Europeans and gives them an opportunity to re-asses their own leaders’ shenanigans.

Professor Fama's 'Nobel' Prize toxic theory explained

, 15/10/2013

Readers have requested a summary of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which is in the news again as a result of the ‘Nobel’ Prize award to Professor Eugene Fama – see this instant reaction on the matter). In what follows the reader can peruse very brief presentations of the triad of toxic theories that undermined macroeconomic […]

The Modest Proposal as a Trojan Horse for the dreaded transfer union: Guest post by Hubert Marcks

, 17/09/2013

To all those who can’t help but feeling that an external surplus recycling mechanism as described in the modest proposal would just be an appeasing technical term for the dreaded transfer-union and that it would condemn the deficit countries into eternal servitude, I would like to point to an example within the mother of all […]

Why asymmetrical monetary unions are bound to fail (unless they feature an effective, extra-market surplus recycling mechanism)

, 15/09/2013

Asymmetrical monetary unions, wherever and whenever tried in combination with free trade and deregulated capital movements, ended up in tears and retribution. The Gold Standard, the various pegs between domestic currencies and the US dollar (S.E. Asia, Argentina, Mexico etc.), the ERM (European Exchange Rate Mechanism), the Eurozone that followed the latter’s collapse etc. they […]

Global Banks as exporters of Permanent Credit Crunches to Peripheral Economies: The case of Mexico

, 05/09/2013

The speech below was delivered on 29th August 2013 at ITAM, Mexico City, in the context on a conference on planned financial sector reforms in Mexico; organised by IMEF (the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives), in collaboration with UNIFIM (a confederation of Mexican owned financial institutions). For an audio of my talk click  For the text…

Looking back on the Global, European and Greek (post-2008) crises: Interview with D. Polymenopoulos

, 17/08/2013

Dimitris Polymenopoulos interviewed me recently on behalf of Greek-American newspaper The Greek Star. Click here for the original source or read on…

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