EUROPE UNHINGED – Article in the European Financial Review

, 23/06/2013

The following article was commission by the European Financial Review which just published it online – a hard copy version of the periodical is also out soon. It is based largely on the ideas in my Global Minotaur. For the EFR’s site click here. 

The Australian Dollar, China's Bubble, QE Exit and the Eurozone: Guest Post

, 22/06/2013

I just received an interesting letter from a colleague who authorised me to share its essence with you, but without revealing his identity. The views expressed are his own and, though I do not agree with his conclusion, I believe this short letter should be essential reading for all those of us who follow the […]

In conversation with Dr Stefan Fuchs, of Deutschland Radio Kultur (dradio.de)

, 17/06/2013

Dr Stefan Fuchs, of Deutschland Radio Kultur, paid me a great compliment a couple of weeks ago when he visited me in Athens and put to me pertinent, hard, questions on the state of the global political economy, on Europe, on economics etc. That interview has just been published on the dradio.de site and is […]

Interviewed by Kristina Bozic, for OBJECTIV

, 08/06/2013

On 13th March Kristina Božič paid me a great complement by interviewing me for slovenian journal Objectiv.  The breadth and insightfulness of the questions gave me much pleasure. To read the article in its original home, click here. Alternarively, read on (Google translate does a decent job)…

Mixed messages from the IMF: Interview with Tom Hirst

, 03/06/2013

An interview follows with Tom Hirst, the shining light behind the new economics and finance website Pieria (well with visiting for the diversity of views it offers). To read the interview, which focuses on the IMF’s attitude toward Britain on the one hand and the Eurozone on the other, click here for the Pieria site […]

The Utopia of Democracy: May 12th to 18th in Zagreb

, 08/05/2013

Beginning this coming Sunday 12th May, and lasting all of next week, the 6th Subversive Festival will be held in Zagreb. This year’s general theme is: THE UTOPIA OF DEMOCRACY. Speakers will include Tariq Ali, Oliver Stone, Susan George, Franco Bifo, Alexis Tsipras, Jean Luc Melenchon, Eric O. Wright. Slavoj Zizek and… yours truly. It promises […]

Macroeconomic experiments: Abenomics versus Euro-austerity

, 03/05/2013

The ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) online periodical, THE DRUM, commissioned me to write an article comparing and contrasting the policy responses to the Crisis of Japan and of the Eurozone. Click here for the ABC’s website. Or read on below…

On CBC Radio's 'Writers' Program: Interviewed by Eleanor Wachtel on the Global Minotaur

, 08/04/2013

Over the past few years, I have been interviewed extensively on my views of the Crisis and my writings. Of all these interviews, this is the one that I enjoyed giving the most. Eleanor Wachtel generously afforded me the space to talk about Greece, my parents (and my experiences of growing up in Greece in […]

'Coffee' with the General Secretary of the OECD, discussing the Global Crisis; plus a talk on the Global Crisis

, 30/03/2013

As some of this blog’s regulars may remember, on 1st March 2013, I was invited to meet with the General Secretary  of the OECD, Mr Angel Gurria, to exchange views on the global economic crisis and to discuss alternative policies that may help end it. Now, the OECD has produced a brochure capturing these meetings as […]

At the OECD, Paris, this Friday 1st March, speaking to: "The Euro Crisis, Asia's Woes and America's Dilemma in a Global Context"

, 26/02/2013

This coming Friday, 1st March, I shall be addressing the OECD on the need to re-think the Euro Crisis, Asia’s angst and America’s conundrum. My argument will be that markets cannot be trusted to correct the global imbalances underpinning our collective woes. Political action is needed at a global scale. Correction: In the original post, […]

Europe needs a hegemonic Germany

, 22/02/2013

For six decades Germany was being pampered by a hegemonic America that oversaw the write-off of its wartime debts, the reversal of Allied designs to de-industrialise it and, above all else, the constant generation of the global demand which allowed German manufacturers to concentrate on efficiently producing quality, desirable wares.

Guest post: The Crisis as a repercussion of global imbalances, by Peter Dorman

, 19/02/2013

Peter Dorman wrote this piece in 2009 shortly after the financial implosion and has recently revised it. While I agree with almost all of what he has to say, one comment seems to me pertinent: The global rebalancing which Peter mentions, toward the paper’s end, is (a) uncertain and, to boot, (b) certain, if it happens, […]

On the Global Minotaur’s Recycling Loop: An elementary comparison of US-German and Intra-Eurozone trade & capital flows

, 17/02/2013

This post was occasioned by a reader’s (Alejandro Calve Seferian) query: Why do I presume that an accelerating US trade deficit required an offsetting tsunami of net capital flows, from the Rest of the World to the US, in order to ‘close the loop’ and, thus, provide long term aggregate demand to the Rest of […]

A discussion with Evergreen College students on the state of the global economy

, 15/02/2013

Yesterday, 14th February 2013, I spent a wonderful 75 minutes visiting a wonderful class of students at Evergreen College – the inverted commas denoting that I did so from… Austin, using the excellent AV facilities of both Evergreen and the LBJ Graduate School of Public Affairs (thanks are due to the excellent support staff on both ends). […]

The Global Minotaur reviewed in the Calcalist (in Hebrew) by Uri Pasovsky

, 08/02/2013

As the second edition of my The Global Minotaur is about to hit the bookstands, Uri Pasovsky just published an extensive review of it in Calcalist, the leading Israeli business daily. Thanks Uri. Click here for the review.

Toward an evolutionary model of the Eurozone Crisis: Ayers Scholar address, ASSA, San Diego

, 08/01/2013

We are all familiar with the so-called domino effect, or contagion, that began in Greece and has taken its toll throughout the Eurozone. Interestingly, no formal economic model has ever attempted to capture the essence of this negative dynamic. When the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) chose to honour me with the ‘Ayres Scholar for 2013’ accolade, […]

Up from Here? Panel discussion on 'The Impediments to Recovery' with K. Arrow, R. Gordon, E. Laursen and Y. Varoufakis

, 06/01/2013

On 4th January 2013, in the context of the ASSA-AEA Annual Conference, EPS (Economists for Peace and Security) organised a panel to discuss the ‘Global Crisis and the Impediments to Recovery’. The organisers afforded me the distinct honour of sharing a platform, to discuss our world’s most pressing issues, with Kenneth Arrow and Robert Gordon. […]

Video: Debt Crises and the World Economy, Seattle Town Hall

, 28/12/2012

On 20th November, a wonderful crowd came to Seattle Town Hall to hear me talk about Debt Crises and the World Economy, effectively a presentation of the main thesis of The Global Minotaur, suitably updated for 2012 and beyond. It was a rare occasion made possible by a crowd with which I felt a special bond […]

Will the real economy rebound, following Wall Street's resuscitation? And what of Europe? – Interviewed by El Confidencial

, 20/12/2012

Another Spanish newspaper, El Confidencial, were kind enough to interview me on the global and european crisis, on the occasion of the Global Minotaur‘s Spanish translation-edition. Here is the interview, in English (the actual article will appear in Spanish, of course). Read on…

Taking stock of the Global and Euro Crisis

, 16/12/2012

A Spanish journalist interviewed me on the Spanish language edition of The Global Minotaur. Her questions, however, gave me an opportunity to look retrospectively at the Global Crisis, its Eurozone offshoot and, of course, the worst aspect of the latter, the Greek calamity. In the process, I refer to what I call the ‘death of […]

"We all live under the dark cloud of the same crisis" James Galbraith at Germany’s IG Metall Trades Union Congress, 7th December 2012

, 12/12/2012

There is only one crisis. The various ‘episodes’ of  US subprime mortgages, European and American banks, Greek debt, the recession of the Eurozone today, the trials and tribulations of Ireland, etc., all these are part of the very same, deeply interconnected world crisis. Pretending otherwise is fuel that gives this global crisis another lease of life, […]

At the Kreisky Forum: Why have Europe's social democrats surrendered to the toxic logic of current policies?

, 07/12/2012

On 5th December, I had the great pleasure of addressing a splendid audience at the Kreisky Forum, in Vienna. My theme was, surprise surprise, the European Crisis in its Global Context. Nevertheless, in view of the very special venue (dedicated to the late Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, and delivered in his former home), I was compelled to […]

Debt, Europe, Greece and the World Economy: Addressing the Kreisky Forum, Vienna, Wednesday 5th December 2012

, 02/12/2012

Anyone in Vienna this coming Wednesday (5/12/2012)? If so, perhaps you may pop in at the Kreisky Forum to hear me address: THE GREEK CRISIS AND THE EUROPEAN TRAGEDY THE DEBT CRISIS AND THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD ECONOMY For the official announcement…

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