At the Kreisky Forum: Why have Europe's social democrats surrendered to the toxic logic of current policies?

, 07/12/2012

On 5th December, I had the great pleasure of addressing a splendid audience at the Kreisky Forum, in Vienna. My theme was, surprise surprise, the European Crisis in its Global Context. Nevertheless, in view of the very special venue (dedicated to the late Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, and delivered in his former home), I was compelled to […]

Debt, Europe, Greece and the World Economy: Addressing the Kreisky Forum, Vienna, Wednesday 5th December 2012

, 02/12/2012

Anyone in Vienna this coming Wednesday (5/12/2012)? If so, perhaps you may pop in at the Kreisky Forum to hear me address: THE GREEK CRISIS AND THE EUROPEAN TRAGEDY THE DEBT CRISIS AND THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD ECONOMY For the official announcement…

China after the Global Minotaur

, 27/11/2012

This post follows up from earlier ones entitled Europe after the Global Minotaur and  America after the Global Minotaur. These posts are extracts from the forthcoming new edition of The Global Minotaur.

Europe after the Global Minotaur

, 21/11/2012

This post follows up from an earlier one entitled America after the Global Minotaur. Both posts are extracts from the forthcoming new edition of The Global Minotaur. Bankruptocracy, as I have argued in Chapter 8 of my Global Minotaur, is as much of a European predicament as it is an American ‘invention’. The difference between […]

America after the Global Minotaur

, 15/11/2012

In an earlier post, I explained that the global economy is in dire straits because the United States is no longer able to recycle the Rest of the World’s surpluses. Today I turn the spotlight on the US economy per se, in the aftermath of the Global Minotaur’s demise. (For readers not familiar with this […]

A world without the Global Minotaur: Why is the world economy failing to recover?

, 10/11/2012

Almost two years have passed since the first edition of The Global Minotaur was written. Its prognosis for our tormented beast was not good. Have events since confirmed that the Global Minotaur’s wounds were too deep to allow it to continue to perform its miraculous global surplus recycling? Is this still the best explanation available […]

Monday 29th October, in the House of Parliament, London, debating "European and Global Recovery – What Will It Take?"

, 25/10/2012

Next Monday, the European-Atlantic Group is organising a debate in the Grand Committee of the House of Commons, on what it will take for Europe and the world to return to growth and end the Crisis which  began in 2008. In the Chair: The Rt Hon The Lord Hamilton of Epsom Speakers: Professor Marcus Miller, (Professor of […]

On the Euro-Global Crisis: Four lectures in Australia and one in London, October 2012

, 11/10/2012

During the coming next fortnight, I shall be on a lecture tour of Australia and Britain. The first lecture will be delivered on Monday 15th October in Melbourne, at the Greek Community Centre (which will, fittingly, be demolished soon after!). Then, I shall be speaking at two CPA conferences, together with Lord Lamont (formerly Chancellor of the Exchequer) in […]

Audio of talk at Columbia Law School on the Causes and Nature of the Euro Crisis, 5th October 2012

, 11/10/2012

While the Columbia University technicians are preparing a proper podcast of my debate with Marshall Auerback  (held last Friday, 5th October) on the Euro Crisis at the Columbia Law School, readers can have a pre-hearing (as opposed to a preview) of my presentation. The audio is reasonable and can be heard here: YV talk Columbia […]

The Global Minotaur returns: Introducing the second edition

, 06/10/2012

The second edition of my Global Minotaur has entered the presses, so to speak. At least, it has left my laptop and is now with the folks at Zed books, awaiting production. The point of working toward a second edition was to ask a simple question: Since January 2011, which is when I put the […]

Austerity-stricken Europe within a slowing global economy

, 24/09/2012

Click here for Mariana Mazuccato’s Bloomberg interview on the trouble with Europe’s austerian turn. And here for an article in Fund Strategy  on the Great Global Slowdown (featuring the Global Minotaur).

Why is the Global Crisis so persistent? Q&A with Ben Hunt (of Fund Strategy) on the themes of the Global Minotaur

, 21/09/2012

Ben Hunt, of FUND STRATEGY, posed eight poignant questions to me concerning the continuing Global Crisis and touching upon various themes from my Global Minotaur. Here is a taste of the soon to be published interview: 1. What is your understanding of what has been driving the growth in the world economy (the “engine of […]

The Global Minotaur just published in Italian

, 29/08/2012

The Global Minotaur has just been published in Italian under the title Il Minotauro Globale: L’America, le vere origini della crisi e il futuro dell’economia globale. Thanks to my Italian publisher for this opportunity to reach a wider audience in yet another proud nation that is continuing, with increasing intensity, to feel the repercussions of the […]

Review of the Global Minotaur by Raja Junankar, for the ELRR

, 16/07/2012

This review of the Global Minotaur (click here for the Global Minotaur page) is special to me. The reason? Raja Junankar was one of the lecturers at the University of Essex while an undergraduate, back in the mists of time (1978-1981). Later, when I returned to Essex (after a year at Birmingham University), it was Raja who […]

'The Global Minotaur': A 'Great Transformation' for our Times – Review by Boris Stremlin for Left Eye On Books

, 12/07/2012

Left Eye on Books just published a generous and detailed review of my Global Minotaur authored by Boris Stremlin. 

In conversation with Rob Johnson (INET Chairman) on the Global Minotaur, the Slump, US and Europe

, 08/06/2012

A few weeks ago, while in New York, Rob Johnson (Chair of the Institute of New Economic Thinking) invited me to their offices where we recorded a conversation on my The Global Minotaur, the true causes of the Crash of 2008, the reasons why the global economy cannot find its poise after that momentous Crash, […]

A Paradox of Risk Aversion is haunting the global economy: Rob Johnson’s poignant warning against both bubbles and austerity

, 26/05/2012

We keep forgetting that every Crisis, like a coin, has two faces. One is the mountain of debt and losses that is crushing states, people and banks. The other is an equally imposing mountain of accumulated savings that are to ‘frightened’ to fund investment, thus remaining idle and frittering away. Keynes famously invoked the Paradox […]

Europe’s April, and how to thwart it

, 08/04/2012

The editor of a Swedish magazine asked me to contribute a short piece that combines elements of my Global Minotaur with the address I am about to deliver at the INET conference in Berlin this coming week on the Future of Europe. Here is the piece I concocted. Its title is borrowed from T.S. Elliot’s […]

Three reviews of the German edition of The Global Minotaur (in German)

, 22/03/2012

Thee reviews of my Global Minotaur (recently released in Germany under the tile Der Globale Minotaurus) have just appeared. One in Literataz-Taz-Beilage Buchmesse. Another by SWR Radio. And a third one by  WDR5 Radio.

My documentary for Channel 4: The Eurozone, the Ant and the Grasshopper

, 21/02/2012

A Special Report commissioned by Channel 4 (UK), based on an earlier post in this blog entitled Never Bailed Out: Europe’s ants and grasshoppers revisited  See also the piece I wrote for Channel 4’s website. And do not neglect to watch the full interview with Mr Robert Halver, Baader Bank’s Chief economist. It sheds plenty […]

Die Zeit Online on the German edition of my Global Minotaur

, 21/02/2012

On the occasion of the publication of the German edition of my Global Minotaur, Die Zeit Online just published extracts from the book under the title Die große Ratlosigkeit in der Krise. Click here for the article. 

The Global Minotaur – as featured in the New York Times Magazine

, 15/02/2012

Russell Shorto kindly interviewed me for the New York Times Magazine on my Global Minotaur, as part of a long article entitled The Way Greeks Live Now. For the complete article, as it appears on the New York Times website, click here. The piece that concerns my book follows here:

The Global Minotaur: Interviewed by Naked Capitalism

, 14/02/2012

Phil Pilkington, of nakedcapitalism.com,  were kind enough to interview me on my Global Minotaur. To read it from their website, please click here. The Global Minotaur: An Interview with Yanis Varoufakis Philip Pilkington: In your book The Global Minotaur: America, The True Origins of the Financial Crisis and the Future of the World Economy you lay out […]

On ABC Radio National's Breakfast program – discussing Greece

, 10/02/2012

This is an interview on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program. One of the rare occasions when I was afforded sufficient ‘room’ to unfold arguments.

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